This week I haven’t done any photographing or any editing, I’ve done a lot of image analysis and wider research for my shoot this weekend.

I Googled- street photography and found out that the most appealing to me where, black and white images.screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-11-22-42-amImages looked very detailed and the viewpoint of the photographer’s were very different, I learned that good images come from any viewpoint and position.

As well as that I watched Dan McCullin Documentary. His work and his passion for it is very impressive. Don Mccullin started from photographing street gang and after that he found assignments in Cold War era.

I didn’t know the photographer, and what he was doing, but i’ve seen his images, he has respect to others, he shows his pain when he talks about it, he knew that photographing is not all, he was willing to not take the images when he was asked not to. That photographer didn’t look like he’s full of himself.

image2When he was describing this exact image, he said that he didn’t see that lady at first and thinks that, this lady made the image look how the image makes you feel, he was very happy about the outcome. That’s how I want my images to look, I want to make viewers feel what the photograph tries to tell.



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