Practical Work – Week 01/11/16

This week was mainly about post production and gathering together photographs from my Test photoshoots.

Before our half-term I went to London and took some images there, the project is about people and their emotions.

One of the images from my trip.

Screenshot of Original and Edited Image

With this edit all my attention was on the girl on the bike, I removed the car behind her, because I felt like this will make the image more interesting. The edit was successful as I think that it looks very vintage/old school. I like the fact that on the background are couple of people on their bikes which brings the idea of ‘old days life’ out even more. The black and white edit adds a lot to the old school idea, the image is very sharp and detailed.

My project is about feelings and emotions. In my opinion, this image gives the viewer a nostalgic feeling.

This week I tried photographing people on funfair, I decided to take images of rides and my friends doing fun things. Photographes taken this time weren’t very successful, so I will go back there, as my camera settings weren’t right, the images came out very grainy and dark, but with post production some of them look good.

Image from Fun Fair.

Original Image
Edited Version

On this image is a lot going on, the lady on the right side was the main subject. I decided to cut most of the image out, because there’s a lot of distractive and vibrant lighting going on, but looking at the original image now, I think the lighting on the lady is good and I could try to edit it in coloured version and mby leave all the background as it is, just try to get the vibrancy of the roller coasters down.


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