Week 7/11/16

Whole this project I thought I will not use Studio Photography for my project, but I was wrong.

The reason why is that, I don’t really enjoy photographing in the studio, as it’s mostly fake.The lighting isn’t natural and we can all set-up it as we need.

I love photographing outside, as it’s more challenging and when photographing on a landscape, we can always change positioning so the background wouldn’t be same, it gives you more interesting shots, because of how many different places we can go.

This week, I had an idea for my project, which involves photographing in the studio. The idea is to show my models a video. One of them which makes them jump and gives a model frightening emotions, and another one which makes them laugh. With this I am trying to achieve happiness and frightening on their faces.

The other day I did some Test shots, so I can see how to setup the equipments.

With my tests I achieved some good images. By shooting my test’s, I know that I need more light on models and that laptop should be level with my camera, so I could see models eyes more. As well as that, I know that the scary video works better than the funny one.



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