Final Evaluation of the Project

This project was all about finding yourself, what type of photography is suitable for each of us. And I found it very challenging.

Context of the project was with 4 different choices. Documentary, Fine art, Fashion or Product photography. For me a bit of everything is interesting to photograph. The idea of doing product or fashion photography didn’t seem so challenging. I struggled with choosing between the documentary and fine art, as both are interesting. I don’t like taking pictures of people, because I’m not as confident and it really stops me to ask people to model for me.

My choice was to challenge myself and go with documentary photography.

With my research I found out a lot about each of them, then I decided to choose the one I don’t like the most, which is taking pictures of people. I’ve done more research into the Documentary Photography, looked up images from books, watched a documentary of famous photographer and had many shoots on the streets. I feel like I could have done more research into it, as I found really hard taking pictures on the streets. With the use of watching the documentary, it showed me that without communicating with people, you  won’t get the shoots you want to get.

Overall my shoots and researched helped me to get to the final photographs, mainly helped those many test shoots i’ve had through this project.

First one was right at the beginning when we had to shoot images for MK 50 Celebration. With this shoot I struggled a lot, as I didn’t really know how to and what to shoot, at that point I had very minimum of research. I’ve got some feedback from teachers and saw myself that the images came out not as good as I would want them to be. 2nd shoot was on our trip which was pretty successful as i had a lot of help from my tutor, who directed me at some point. I found it really hard to to street photography, as I didn’t enjoy it. After analysing them images I decided to go back to London and try again, I found it so much easier after i’ve seen the images before that shoot, but it wasn’t quiet what I wanted to get as the result. My 3rd shoot was at the funfair, with what I struggled a lot, as it was cold and there wasn’t many people to photograph.  From all them shoots I realised that it’s not what I want, and I got very good idea which involved studio photography. From the beginning of that project I said, I don’t want/like to shoot in the studio, as I love natural light and landscape. I did test shoots and analysed them, found the problem and solved it the next day and I think the images came out right the way I wanted them to be.

I don’t think I was good with planning my shoots, I had very minimum of that. The only big planning I had, was for that final shoot, just because I’ve seen what I can do on the streets and the idea I wanted to photograph was in the studio.

The whole idea was to photoshoot people’s emotions. I tried it as a street photography and there’s very few images I liked, then I thought about the idea to show videos to my models and while they’re watching them, I will capture the reactions, which was hard and fun to shoot. Through the analysis and post production I realised that the images are really good without the laptop in the image, as it makes them look more mysterious, through my research on editing I always used details in my images, which gave better effect on them. As well as that I mainly liked the b/w version as it showed details out more than the coloured versions.

Through analysis I can tell that I tried hard, I mentioned what I like in them, why I like and what could be better. Added some visual analysis as it shows my knowledge on camera techniques better. By comparing my images I showed clear understanding what’s different and which one works better. As well as that I asked for some feedback from social media and from peers, which helped me to see how I could improve my photographs.

With my selection of final images I’m very confident that they work well, they show the main idea and they have different emotions on different image. I selected 2 of each model as it shows series of their emotions. The first model was my favourite to shoot, as she’s very bright and very showing, the photoshoot went well and worked out as I wanted them to, 2nd person was good but very hard to shoot, as he was very jumpy and always jumped out of my view, Last model, had confident posture and I thought that it will not work, but it did and I am very happy of how different are they all, and how different were their reactions. Overall I found really hard to shoot it, as I didn’t hear when is the bit in vide which makes them jump, with that I had to be always ready to shoot. I like the idea, as it’s very different to all of the photoshoots I had before and I am very surprised it worked.

This project was very challenging for me, as I still didn’t know which aspect I want to work in. I chose documentary only to get over of my fear to talk to people, I think I got very far but not as far as I wanted to. Further projects, I will definitely work on it.


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