The project we are doing now is about audience.

In this project we are having 3 little project to practise for the big one.

For the first one we were meant to chose the film, and shoot by that but add to it some college aspects. I didn’t do it, as I didn’t like the images I took, to show something related to college.

For the movie I chose Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

First edit didn’t work well and the second one needs some improvements in it. The audience for that are young kids who is interested in fantasy world. fantastice.jpg

This image was meant to look old, which came out pretty well. The lighting on the creatures and the model comes from the same side which helps a lot and makes it look natural. The Background light comes from the same side and that’s why it works well. His expression and pose work well as it looks like he’s looking on the creatures which are popping out of his bag.

The problem is that my model has very sharp edges around him, which doesn’t look very natural. As well as that this image needs writing on it, which will make it look like a poster.


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