Final Project

I have been struggling to find the idea which would blow me and my teachers away. I always liked to do something different from the others and this is the project that I can explore on and do whatever I want.

So i gathered some ideas and going to do more research for them. I have tried out one of them, did some test shots and I think, I will not go further with that type. The test shoot was on little people, using fruits in the shots. For the little people I chose soldiers, it worked well, as you can create a scene very easily. IMG_1104.jpg

I loved to play around and position them as I wanted them to be, loved shallow DOF and the fact that I finally done it. The downside of it was the plate where the soldiers are standing on, it was very visible and that ruined the whole idea of making them look real.

For my second test I am going to try smoke bombs, they are not illegal for over 18ns but they are illegal in public places. I will let local police know and seek permission before I do it, as this type of imagery very interests me and I am looking forward to try it out.

Overall this project will be based on Surreal Photography, I’ve done some research to understand what it’s about. Will do a lot of different test shoots starting from “dreams”. Something like, what we feel when fall asleep and what type of unreal things we see while asleep.


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