FMP- Review

It’s been very hard to concentrate on this project. I’ve struggled with getting motivated, finding ideas and starting to shoot for it.

This week I went out for a shoot, edited the images and still didn’t get the outcome I would love to get. The photographs didn’t appeal to me, as I always felt something was missing from it. Other than that problem, I still stayed with the surrealism.


This shot was composed from three different images, I like the sharpness of buildings and the model. I also see that her positioning suits very well, it looks like her feet are on top of the car. When I was cutting her out I struggled with the hair. The way her hair was laying down didn’t look real, so I copied little part from other image, which made it look real. I feel like vibrant orange next to my model is too much. The orange grabs your attention straight away and that wasn’t exactly what I wanted to achieve. From that test shoot I learned that it’s always better to take pictures of objects in the same location, or try to get same lighting as other subjects.


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