Smoke Bomb Photography

I decided to try make surreal scene with use of smoke bombs. For that I needed to buy couple bombs so I would have backup if first one didn’t work. As well as that, because the smoke bombs work only 40 seconds each, I needed to plan everything properly. What will my model wear, on what location will I go and what weather will it be.

I searched for some information about smoke bombs, and it said they are illegal to use in public places. For me to shoot with them, I would have had to call police or go in police station, to tell them where exactly would it be and how many would I use while taking pictures.

I didn’t do smoke bomb photography as it’s illegal to use them in public places. Not only that, every time I am planning to do it, the weather goes bad, very windy and cloudy. The model I chose cannot do every day, so it’s very hard to do. As well as that i need couple more people to help me out by walking/running around the model with the smoke bomb.

My other idea is to shoot slinkatchu with use of little soldiers and fruits, make scenes of war for fruit.


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