Final Thoughts about FMP

Overall I had many ups and many down with this project. I found it very hard to concentrate and give my best. The reason why is because I am not used to do something like that. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed my previous projects. The main reason why I chose to challenge myself and do something else is to make myself think outside the box, get creative and show myself that I can do things like surrealism.

When I was planning my shoots the idea in my head worked very well but when I developed my images it didn’t feel like it worked. Every time i planned my shoot I considered the weather changes and the law as one of the ideas was to use smoke bomb which isn’t allowed in public places. By the middle of my project I got very stressed out as I didn’t like any of my photographs. Then I changed from surrealism to surreal self-portraiture. With this change I found it easier to shoot but hard to develop. Even when I changed my idea, I still had more than 3 weeks to plan and shoot the images.

The other problem with me is the annotation, I make sense in my head and when I try to write about something, it all goes away. I found the writing bit hard in every project but I feel like I have done some progress with it.

I am very proud of my final edits, even though I don’t like most of them, technically they still look professional. From the feedback and my photography shoots I’ve had, I know that I will stick to my architecture and landscape photography as I feel more comfortable doing that.

Finalimage vendingmachine

This photograph is why I am proud of myself as I feel i’ve done so much and got exactly what I was hoping for. The colours and composition makes it look fun, loving and very childish. The main thing what I wanted to show with it is my childish side, I love soft teddys and thats exactly what I would love to do if I could. With my pose I am showing the feeling afterwards when you trying to get out of the machine. I find this image very fun.

If I would have to do something like that again I know now that it takes a lot of time. Always need to be on top of everything, check the weather shoot more images of the same thing, use props, unusual places and just get creative.




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