Idea on self portraiture

As I was going through this project I changed my idea slightly. I decided to shoot Conceptual self-portraiture. I wanted to challenge myself and get creative at the same time. For this project I will show what surrounds me, what interest me and express my feelings by showing it in very unusual way from my side. Before the FMP started I found myself doing a lot of shoots on the locations and that I really enjoy taking pictures of architecture. Now I feel like I’ve progressed with my work a lot. I learned new ways to develop photographs and I learned to be creative.

I looked up some self-portraitures and tried it by using myself as main subject.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 1.40.07 PM.png

This was created with two images composed together. Before developing that I did a little research on surrealism and dreams. As they two link I wanted to show myself sinking through the bed. The editing was very hard as the duvet was too flat and every time I tried to cut out myself and make it look as I was sinking it didn’t look neat. The blue colours make the image look very dream like and the sharpness brings out the hand and body a little more. I think I should have worn some darker clothes because I am blending in with the duvet.


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