Kyle Thompson vs My Edit


By comparing my edit and photographers edit I can see many similarities and differences. What we both done is use mirror as a prop, done self portraiture and made the scene in the image look deep/emotional. The difference is that mine comes out as conceptual photography, the way I posed shows the unrealistic factors. In his photograph it looks like he took the mirror with him and held it under the water.

The colours on his photo are dark, with slight orange/brown colours. Very detailed mirror frame. Shallow DOF on background and a little on the foreground, which frames the model. The shallow DOF makes bokeh effect. When I look at his image, it makes me wonder has he got any problems, why does he look so sad? It’s very disturbing that he’s in the water. Very deep meaning behind his image.

My image is made indoors, I used the mirror to make my image look surreal and it worked as I placed myself in two different places. The grain and slightly grey colours make the photo look sad. The pose on foreground shows the pain, the facial expression shows the worry and sadness. I added sharpens to an image so it would show out all of the details in hair and face in the mirror.




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