Mirror on the wall

One of my shoots was created with many pictures combined together. I decided to show my feelings by shooting myself in front of the mirror. Tried to express the sadness, worry and show that you always have yourself to count on. Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 1.45.33 PM.png

With the images above I done many edits in different way.

First image will be as one of my finals. I wanted to show seriousness and pain on the same image. I think it works because of the pose I had (shown on the left side) and the expression I had in the mirror. The colours are a little grey to make the image look cold and sad.


This image shows fear. It has a little pink colour to it which makes it look warm at the same time. I like the expression I have and that even tho the top is the same, it still doesnt look the same because the red part isn’t seen on the one where I am pointing on the mirror. The composition shows that I want to help myself. I think it didn’t work as well as the other one because you don’t really realize that it’s two images put together. At the same time it’s so natural after a while you just wonder how it’s been done. IMG_2927 copy

By using secondary imagery I showed how it makes us feel when we get “Dislikes” on the social media. How it affects us all and brings us down straight away. I feel like social media has very big impact on me. With my look I show that I am trying to realize what’s wrong with me, why did I get “dislike”?

I think the little post underneath the mirror works very well, it blends in with the wall and makes it look very real. The dislike hand on the mirror isn’t very real I would like for it to look more like 3D.  dislike


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