One of the successful edits

Through my whole project I had only couple of successful edits as I haven’t really enjoyed the part where I had do develop my images.

I felt like the edit’s weren’t good enough for the grade I am aiming for. After a while I decided to try something different.


I am very proud of this edit, it has surrealism in it, which is shown in very real way. As you can see with the development it looks like the fishing guy meant to be there. The positioning works well, the people around makes it look natural, like he has been there before. The colours make it look very social media like. The range of colours from blue to red and orange colours look like the Instagram filter has been added. The sharpness brings out all of the details in the sky. The shadow that is added to the “puddle” makes it look very natural, because when its raining and everything is starting to dry, it looks like it.

By doing this edit I learned to use photoshop tools in many ways, try out new tools and create multiple developments with the same image.


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